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Ongoing Projects - Luxury

Located in the up and coming suburb of Mulund West, Neptune Lotus takes exclusivity and luxury to never-seen-before levels. BHKs are passé these apartments are FFF (full floor flats) which means your home takes up solo status in an entire storey. Spaces arc left up to your imagination, and not just your home but even its surroundings can be customized just the way you want them.

Amenities are designed with exquisite attention to detail, convenience and indulgence. Yet, while it sets you apart from the world, it is right in the middle of the business and entertainment hub of town.

Complete Privacy: Complete Belonging

They say a man’s home is his castle. At Lotus, your home is as close to a castle as it comes in the middle of the city. Describing it in terms of BHKs would do it no justice; what you have is an FFF- a FULL FLOOR FLAT.  An apartment that offers you all the privacy in the world, giving you a whole storey all to yourself and your family. Yet you are not isolated whenever you’re felling neighborly, all you have to do is pop down or up storey and say hello to your vertical neighbor.

Not For Everyone

A taste of the luxury and exclusiveness you can expect begins well before you enter your home it starts in your own private entrance lobby and lift and continues as you step onto the floor that you share with nobody else

Entertain Royally

Here’s another glimpse into the heights of high living. Your spacious living room opens out on a vast private party deck effectively turning it into your own little banquet hall.

Your own space from top to bottom

Your space is respected with great expanses, not just in floor area, but also in floor height – with a whole 3.6 meters separating you from your nearest neighbor.

Space for Helping Hands

A Dedicated living space for your domestic help comprises a separate room, utilities and toile. It is accessible via its own life and lobby and connected to the main apartment from a separate entrance. A place for your help to feel at home while ensuring you and your family’s privacy is maintained.

Special Privileges

The Special Treatment begins even before you step into your home  It begins as you step onto your floor as you have it all to yourself with just one flat per storey. A separate service lift and a basement area for carrying out interior repairs make sure you are not inconvenienced in any way. Valet parking and housekeeping services raise the convenience factor higher still. Surrounding you are exotic landscape gardens and in the near distance majestic mountains. A jogging park and club house give you everything you need to relax and refresh. Complete peace of mind is ensured by high-tech security measures.

Your Home Your Castle

Your Luxurious 5BHK home with a floor to floor height of 3.6 meters is filled with every modern comfort You can put your own personal stamp on your space by customizing the design to your taste, right from the lift lobby onwards. Your flat looks out on a glorious mountain view and the spacious living room opens out onto a large party deck.
A walk-in wardrobe in each of the tow master bedrooms give you and your family plenty of room to express your sense of style. The private lift opens directly in you flat

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